Patient and Family Advisory Council

Please note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the PFAC sessions have been postponed.

The PriMed offices have formed small groups of patients who meet during the year. This is an opportunity for members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council to act as the voice of the patient, focused on making PriMed a better place, by actively exploring ways to improve patient experience. If you would like more information about our Patient/Family Advisory Councils, please contact us.


The group met in September. It was announced that the practice will be moving into a new building in Fall 2020. Council members suggested handicap accessibility be a priority including higher toilets, hand rails and call lights in bathrooms in case of a fall. Positive feedback was given on PriMed's new online bill pay functionality. Also, the new Facebook page received a good review. There was discussion about including fun information on the page in addition to clinical topics. 


During the session on June 6, council members were told about a system coming soon that will allow patients to pay bills online. The pediatric patient care coordinator introduced herself and described her role in the office. There was discussion about the new process allowing patients to skip "checking out" when leaving the office. Patients felt they may be missing the opportunity to schedule additional appointments if they don't check out. The office indicated that this process is relatively new and is still being evaluated.


The group met in September, 2019. During the meeting, attendees were told about PriMed's new in office imaging capabilities for all patients. Services will be available at the Centerville and Woodbury offices. Positive feedback was given on the uniforms PriMed associates have been wearing. Attendees indicated they would be interested in participating with the office in various health-related fundraising walks in the Dayton area and that signage should be placed in the waiting rooms to notify them of upcoming events.


The group met in early June, 2019. There was discussion about the new uniforms being worn in the office. It was suggested that staff wear something colorful to make the uniforms look more fun for kids. Patients and parents are encouraged to bring any maintenance issues to the attention of the office staff as a new company has been hired to address these issues. The team has been working to address feedback from the patient satisfaction surveys about friendliness of nurses. One suggestion was to engage both the child and the parent while providing care rather than just speaking to the parent. 


During the June PFAC, council members were told about new patient intake process to be rolled out in the fall. Attendees were told about assistance now available for the patient portal, FollowMyHealth. Telephone hold music and messaging was discussed. Member indicated they would like to see the option to leave a message for a call back rather than having to wait in a telephone queue. 


During the May, 2019 PFAC, members discussed verbiage the office should use to best explain bringing a patient in for a sick visit when a scheduled appointment is not available. The group agreed the phrase "squeezing you in" was most appropriate. There was discussion related to educational materials to help patients identify reasons to go to the ER versus calling and scheduling an office appointment. Council members provided positive feedback on both the new office staff uniforms and on the online patient portal.


The group met in June, 2019. Members expressed positive feedback on the uniforms being worn by PriMed associates indicating they looked very professional. Attendees were told about a new system being rolled out across the Dayton community. Office delays were discussed. Council members shared that they appreciate being told about delays when they check in at the front desk.


This office held a combined meeting with Vandalia Family Practice in June, 2019. Please see update above.


The Wright Dunbar session was held in June. A variety of topics were discussed, including how to educate patients on when they should go to an emergency room rather than visiting the office, and the best way to help patients understand wait times in the office. There was also discussion about the nurse telephone line used to make appointments for pediatric patients as wait times continue to be an issue. Participants indicated interest in participating in various Dayton-area walking events with the office throughout the year.