Walk-In Lab Services

For your convenience, PriMed offers lab services, with no appointment needed.

When your PriMed physician orders lab work, consider PriMed’s Woodbury location.

- PriMed walk-in lab offers reliable, safe diagnostic testing, including blood tests

- Skilled phlebotomists and accredited lab facility

- Test results provided promptly to your PriMed doctor.

Having lab tests done at PriMed Walk-in location is easy. Come in, have a sample taken, and be on your way!

No appointment is needed. Your doctor can order the specific tests and will get results through PriMed’s Electronic Health Record system.

Please note: If you have insurance coverage, make sure PriMed Laboratory is accepted by your health plan. The Woodbury walk-in lab draw site is not equipped for pediatric patients. Our pediatric offices provide lab draw services on site and can be provided at the time of your child’s visit or by appointment with one of our nurses.  If this is not convenient, your doctor will recommend a lab that specializes in services for children.  All of our primary care offices provide lab draw services as well on an appointment basis.