PriMed in the News: Adapting during Pandemic

Dayton Business Journal, August 11, 2020: Dayton-area Physician Group Practices Meet Community Needs in Pandemic. Note: Paywall required for access to the publication.

For PriMED, it was reported:

PriMED Physicians in Centerville has also seen a boost in activity from the pandemic, which caused the practice to quickly find new solutions during this time.

Clinically, treating patients with the virus was the main concern, but also being able to continue essential primary care for its patients while keeping its healthcare team safe was another priority. Telehealth and other technology-focused services took focus, with patents [sic] being able to connect in real-time with their physician through a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Although there's been this boost of virtual activity, visits to offices were initially reduced by 50%, which caused a significant impact to the group's income.

"Although we are seeing fewer visits overall, there are more things to accomplish within each visit," said Dr. Mark Couch, president of PriMED Physicians.

Looking towards the next few months, Dayton's current increase in number of Covid-19 cases stands as a major concern for the practice. It's also focusing back-to-school planning in collaboration with Dayton Children's.

This month, the group will move forward with influenza vaccinations, which has become even more critical during the pandemic.

"We acknowledge our team has worked tirelessly since March, and there is an ongoing need to address the demands the pandemic has placed on our staff and physicians," Couch said.