Outstanding Outcomes for Patients with High Blood Pressure

PriMed Physicians has been recognized nationally as a leader in treating patients with high blood pressure. Since 2014, 90% of PriMED patients with hypertension have achieved blood pressure of <140/90.

How does a small medical group in Dayton achieve results better than leading U.S. medical systems?

  • following a consistent, standardized process to diagnose and treat high blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension.  

  • using technology to diagnosis the condition and identify the causes of the hypertension. PriMed also uses a software application tied to the EHR for medication recommendations, taking into consideration each patient’s unique medical history.

  • displaying the patient’s data on a monitor in the exam room, the provider and patient can review and discuss options, giving the patient a stronger understanding of his/her health situation. 

Douglas Romer, M.D., practiced primary care at PriMed Centerville for 36 years. He has retired from direct patient care, but he continues to advocate for better heart health. In November 2023, Dr. Romer presented PriMed’s success in Hypertension treatment at the American Heart Association’s national clinical conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

What’s the Benefit of Controlling Hypertension?

Controlling high blood pressure means fewer heart attacks and strokes, less heart failure, kidney disease, sexual dysfunction and vision loss.

Although PriMed is outstanding in the treatment of HTN, we are not immune to another healthcare issue: the shortage of primary care physicians in the U.S. We continue to recruit new providers to our practice; however, at this time, many of our family practice physicians are unable to accept new patients. On a broader scale, we work with other health professionals to spread our approach to treating hypertension.