Pediatric Flu Vaccine

Children under five years of age, especially under two years, are at high risk of contracting the influenza virus. This is why an annual flu vaccine is highly recommended for young children. Symptoms of influenza virus include:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Rhinitis
There are two significant types of influenza virus, Type A and B. Under Type A is broken into two strains (H1N1 & H3N2) and Type B is broken into two lineages (B/Victoria & B/Yamagata). Due to the popularity of these four strains, there’s a need to develop vaccines protecting children against all four strains.
We currently have a pediatric flu study occurring, so, if you plan on getting your child an influenza vaccine and would like to participate in a study, contact our PriMed Clinical Research team. You can reach them at 937-534-4242, or click the, “Sign-up now” link below.