Heart Disease Study


PriMed Clinical Research is hosting a study for a medication looking to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death, heart attack, stroke, and non-elective coronary revascularization in adults with established atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASVCD). ASVCD is a type of heart disease where there is a build-up of fats, cholesterol, and other substances in and on the artery walls. This plaque in the walls of arteries causes obstruction of blood flow that can lead to more serious issues like heart attacks or strokes. Atherosclerosis often has no symptoms until a plaque ruptures or the buildup is severe enough to block blood flow.

What to Expect:

  • Your health will be evaluated at each appointment by our research nurse and physician
  • All study-related care and evaluations will be at no cost to you or your insurance
  • You will be compensated $100 per study visit for your time and travel

Location: PriMed Clinical research office

Reimbursement: $100/visit and $25/phone call