Pediatric Weight Loss Study

Study Name:

Pediatric Weight Loss Study


Obesity in both adults and adolescents is one of the most significant public health challenges. Obesity in childhood can have profound long-term consequences going into adulthood. Many struggle with diet and exercise to keep healthy weight, medication may prove to be valuable alongside diet and exercise for adolescents. Currently, there are very few medication options for children. 

Our pediatrician, Dr. “Sonny” Amisola, is heading a clinical research option related to pediatric obesity.


This study will look at the change in a child’s body weight from the start to the end of the study. This is to compare the effect on body weight in patients taking liraglutide (the study medication) or those taking a "dummy" medicine (placebo) chosen at random. The patients in the study and their parents will also have talks with qualified study staff about healthy food choices, how to be more physically active and what they can do to help lose weight. The study medicine is injected with a thin needle in a skin fold in the stomach, thigh, or upper arm. There will be 18 clinic visits, include blood samples and will have to complete questionnaires and keep a diary. This will all be explained before study start.

Who Qualifies:

Patients 6 to 12 years old BMI equal to or above 95th percentile or above and a history of at least one self-reported unsuccessful dietary effort to lose weight.

What to Expect:

  • You will be asked to come into our research clinic for 18 visits. You will receive compensation for time and travel.
  • Your child’s health as it relates to this study, will be evaluated at each appointment by our research coordinator and study doctor.
  • All study procedures will be at no cost to you or your insurance.
  • Our study team can coordinate with your primary physician to help your child receive the most individualized care from our whole PriMED team.


Location: Primed Clinical Research Office
# Visit’s required: 18 office visits, 10 phone calls