PriMed is an Independent Medical Group

PriMed is a physician-owned medical group. Since we are independent of hospitals or medical systems, our physicians are able to refer you for services based on your preference and our recommendations for best care.

At PriMed, the physicians drive the direction of the organization. It’s PriMed’s team approach that fosters the growth and commitment to exceptional medical care.

PriMed’s Board

An eight-member, core group of physicians make up PriMed’s board. Representatives from PriMed’s two divisions, Adult Medicine and Pediatrics form the leadership for the group.

Our Executive Leadership

PriMed’s executive leadership includes:

Mark A. Couch, MD, President

Ted Inman, Chief Executive Officer

Randy Eisenhut, MD, Chief Medical Officer - Pediatric Division

Douglas Romer, MD, Chief Medical Officer - Adult Division

William Randall, MD, Chief Information Officer

Charlie Hardtke, Chief Information Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Robert E. Roettker, CPA, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Robert E. Matthews, Vice President Quality and Care Design

Amy J. Fuller, Director of Practice Operations

Lisa Sloan, Director of Shared Services

PriMed is Premier Integrated Medical Associates

We do business as "PriMed Physicians.” But Premier Integrated Medical Associates is the actual name of our medical group. You’ll see Premier Integrated Medical Associates on our billing statements and other documentation. Our official name is very similar to Premier Health, a major health system in the Dayton area that includes the Miami Valley Hospitals and Good Samaritan in Dayton. It’s easy to see why PriMed might be confused as part of Premier Health. However, PriMed Physicians continues to be a physician-owned, independent medical group.