Why Choose PriMed?

We are Committed to “Treating You Well®

Our mission is to be a compassionate team, providing exceptional care by simply doing what’s right for patients. Our medical group is made up of a team of health care professionals who share a commitment to providing the best possible care.

Many of our physicians are primary care doctors. Whether family practitioners, internal medicine doctors or pediatricians, they are committed to serving as your main source for medical care.

Building a Relationship

We encourage you to establish a relationship with one of our primary care providers. You’ll have access to a team of healthcare professionals, led by a physician, who you can trust to coordinate your health needs.

At PriMed, we hope to be your medical home base for coordinating all your healthcare needs. We’re not just focused on your current medical problem. Your doctor and the entire care team can take care of you when you are sick, and also when you are well.

The benefit of a relationship with your primary care doctor is in the prevention and early detection of disease. Our doctors will guide you on getting the appropriate tests or screenings and vaccinations, help you understand how to better care for yourself, while keeping track of your health history.

Care that’s Coordinated

PriMed works with local medical centers to oversee your care if you are hospitalized. At PriMed, specialists and primary care physicians work together closely to provide you and your family with personalized, exceptional healthcare.

You can be assured you’ll receive quality care. Our clinical team follows guidelines based on accepted scientific evidence and supported by professional organizations, such as the American Academy of Family Practitioners and the American Academy of Pediatricians.

Our Mission and Vision

Aligned with our mission, PriMed has a vision to be recognized as a national leader in innovative and comprehensive health care. Learn how we're reaching our vision in the the treatment of hypertension.