Introducing FollowMyHealth®

Your Online Medical Record

PriMed offers patients access to their health records online through FollowMyHealth®, a secure patient portal. Anytime you have access to the Internet, whether you’re at work, on the road, or at home, you’ll be able to review your medical information and communicate electronically with your PriMed office.

First-time users will need an invitation code. Please stop by your PriMed office to enroll and receive your invitation code.

Making Healthcare Convenient

• Request an appointment

• Request prescription refills

• Send a message to your PriMed physician office

• View your health records

Learn more about FollowMyHealth, and get tips for using your online health record.

This three-minute video provides an overview of FollowMyHealth’s features.           

Note: FollowMyHealth is not for urgent medical matters. If you need urgent help, call 911.