Introducing Telehealth

To provide our patients with a safe way to continue your care during this time, we have implemented a Telehealth technology to allow you to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with your PriMed healthcare team in real-time. 

Many patients love this new option to have a remote visit, and it is particularly important during this outbreak of COVID-19. The virtual visit allows you to stay at home and still interact with your PriMED healthcare team.


We only schedule these types of visits when the nature of your health concern lends itself to the approach. Your doctor can often diagnose new problems, discuss treatment options, follow up on existing problems and even provide prescriptions or renew prescriptions when appropriate. 

If something comes up in a visit that makes the doctor feel that an in-person evaluation is necessary, we will make sure that happens. These visits are billed through your insurance, like any other office visit.


To have a Telehealth visit:

  1. We will schedule your visit and send you a personalized link to an application designed specifically for this purpose, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer that has high-speed internet access and a camera. 
  2. At the time of your visit, we’ll will open the application, and we will be able to talk to and see each other. You can be anywhere with a good internet connection and enough privacy. 

Can we schedule you for a telehealth visit? Please call your physician office today!